• LPS Conservatorship Mentoring Meeting in English Via Zoom - Aug 5th 2023 


    LPS Conservatorship Meeting for Families With Someone Under LPS Conservatorship Zoom Aug 6, 2023 


  • LPS Conservatorship Mentoring Meetings

    NAMI Urban Los Angeles along with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) is offering a zoom class providing LPS Conservatorship information which is the term for California’s involuntary mental health treatment and information on the new CARE ACT. All are welcomed. Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) will also be discussed. This program is designed to walk you through the LPS Conservatorship process beginning with placing your love one in the hospital, acquiring financial resources (SSI, SSDI, Social Security) as well as insurance (Medicare, Medi-Cal), building a case for treatment, the legal court process along with laws and recovery expectations.

    If your loved one is presently under the LPS Conservatorship or your loved one's treating doctor has initiated the LPS Conservatorship, please register for this class. This class will be presented via Zoom.The class will cover the laws pertaining to those under the LPS Conservatorship, renewal of the conservatorship, rights of the conservator and the conservatee, powers granted to the conservator, what to do should your love one begin to de-compensate under the conservatorship and many other solutions in achieving mental health recovery.


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