It's Time to Walk to End the Stigma

by Monique Ruffin

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It's amazing how fast NAMIWalks comes each year. It seems like we just spent time raising money, promoting our cause and coming together to walk to support and raise money for a very worthy cause.

What Is NAMIWalks?

NAMIWalks is a nationwide fundraiser that reaches out to the greater community for financial support. It is our largest fundraiser of the year. The money raised in NAMIWalks helps provide education, resources and builds relationships with the communities we serve. NAMIWalks is also an awesome way to gather the entire community together at one time in one location to share our victories and rally one another on as we continue to do the work of ending the stigma.

Why Get Involved?

Everyone can benefit from the information and resources NAMI provides. If we have not experienced mental health challenges ourselves, we certainly know someone who has. Unfortunately health challenges like depression, anxiety, suicide and Alzheimer's and other mental health challenges are up in our nation and especially in our growing minority communities. These communities tend to be the most underserved, while also needing the most support. The more people who know about NAMI and the service we provide the more people we can serve. The following article can help you understand the percentages of adults who are experiencing mental health challenges and why the work of NAMI is so valuable:

What Can You Expect?

NAMIWalks is a community event and affair. You can expect lots of people, great organization, speakers, a 5k walk and lots of fun. There will be tables for the kids to do crafts, music and people gathered to do one thing, raise money for a worthy cause.

Is NAMIWalks Nationwide?

This event does take place in various cites where NAMI has offices and this means you can get involved in a city near you. This year there will be more than 80 NAMIWalks nationwide. You can also raise or donate money without actually walking, but we recommend that you participate.

Past NAMIWalks.

Over the past years NAMIWalks has collectively raised $11 million. To date this year we've raised over $8 millions dollars. Every penny goes to help end the stigma and educate families and direct them to resources that will support their healing journey.

To learn more about NAMIWalks, donate, and/or to register, follow this link:​.