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    Festival of Recovery Online Marathon

    This FREE online event will be a non-stop celebration of recovery & connection with 12-step and other self-help support groups available every 2 hours. Lead a meeting, volunteer, or simply attend by Zoom! For more info, call (310) 305-8878 or email stephanie@shareselfhelp.org or visit SHARE!.

    Africa Day Festival - Mon, May 25th

    Live Stream Online @ 7am - 11pm

    This FREE festival will take an in-depth look at the trauma still affecting us from the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It will be an all day marathon of exciting performing arts, music, panel discussions, visual arts, and more!

    WE RISE 2020: Virtual May

    A month-long spotlight on wellbeing and healing through art, music and creative expression to help the entire Los Angeles County community recover. This is a safe place... all are welcome.

    Statewide Discussions with Diverse Communities on Mental Health

    An online discussion representing your community and diverse members in California who have experiences in mental health to address current access and navigation of the public mental health care system barriers to services & care and recommendations.

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