• NAMI On Campus

    NAMI Urban LA partners with local schools and student leaders to cultivate school environments that are supportive of mental health through our NAMI on Campus program.

    NAMI on Campus Clubs are student-led groups on high school and college/university campuses, where students can talk openly about mental health and wellness, learn ways to support friends or family members who have a mental illness, and educate others on campus about mental health and wellness.


    Goal of NAMI on Campus Clubs:

    To end stigma by raising awareness that mental illness is not rare and should be treated like any other kind of medical condition.


    What Does NAMI On Campus Clubs Provide:

    Student leaders will be empowered with toolkits, materials, templates, and resources to make running the club a fun and educational process. NAMI on Campus clubs are open to all students -- those with mental health conditions, those with family members with a condition, and/or students who are interested in the field or in advocacy. Club leaders and members become advocates within their school and local community, and work towards creating a more positive and mental health-supportive school environment.


    For information on how to start a NAMI on Campus High School club, check out NAMI California’s How-To guide (and complete this interest form).


    For information on how to start a NAMI on Campus College club, or if you have any questions about either program, contact Norit Admasu or Aracely Hernandez by email or phone -- (nadmasu@namiurbanla.org or 323-294-7814, ext 113). Ahernandez@namiurbanla.org or 323-294-7814 ext 111.



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